The color drenched reels of memory.

I time-travel, allowing moments to re-ignite. Writing a new world, I delve into the sensory zone of by-gone moments.

Under spells of graphite and old slides. Faded photographs and flowers pressed between the pages of books. Summer wine decanted.

The indelible yet elusive aspect of memory adds twist after twist in my newest story.

hummingbird in the blink of an eye – j.laster

Collecting, collating sense-memory – the fleet gossamer of time.

family album

A glimpse from long ago – a young self lost in contemplation of the future.

Found composition Anchorage, Alaska – jl

Vague mist and knife-sharp shadows. Pairs of opposites focus the lens.

Obscure clarity.

Pairs of Opposites! What a fine dance!

Wing span, flight shadow. jl

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