The Writer Elkhound’s second summer pick.

Inscribing a list keeps me on my toes. Basic rules when generating a list: go big, be expansive, accept failure as part of the equation, and always use a pencil with a good eraser!


books read, books I’m longing to read, books that must be re-read.
Goals (this is where the eraser comes in handy)


Every writing project comes with an Olio or a collection of wide ranging lists:


*character traits
*topographical maps of an imagined world
*questions that must be answered
*information that can only be hinted at
*hundreds of details that comprise the setting but will never be explicitly written into the story
*playlists which accompany the darkest nights of working ( Synthetic Mind Decay is prominent this month)

Unalakleet Picnic
family album

Indexes of memory are akin to jam or homemade wine – bottled and put away for the long winter. Take out these vintage rosters periodically. Remove them from the cool dark cellar and dust them off, decant and sip.

Have thermos, will travel.
family album



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